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Business Transformation through Innovation and Efficiency

Our comprehensive solution offers several key services for talent management. This includes Headhunting, Recruitment and Selection of staff which if necessary can be complemented with Payroll Outsourcing/Payrolling and/or Specialized Outsourcing Services, registered and certified under the REPSE for effective administration. We implement the standards NOM 035 and NOM 037 for a healthy work environment.

Through eLearning and LMS, we promote the constant development of skills, adding Organizational Climate and Leadership Assessments that allow detecting growth areas by providing a vision of human resources satisfaction.

Payroll Outsourcing / Payrolling Administration

Optimize your payroll management and reduce the operational burden with our services of payroll outsourcing, payrolling, and payroll administration while we take care of organizing salary processing and payroll and tax management, ensuring compliance with labor and tax regulations.

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Headhunting and strategic recruitment

Face business challenges with leaders who make a difference with our services specialized in recruitment for managerial, directive, and administrative positions. We seek individuals with the ability to generate impact, lead teams, and optimize administrative processes driving productivity and innovation at every level of your organization.

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Specialized Services

With the entry into force of the reform on subcontracting, we offer specialized services adjusted to the new outsourcing law REPSE, now known as specialized services. Our focus is to ensure full compliance with fiscal and labor obligations.

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Compliance with federal law of the standard NOM035 STPS

Implement our advanced technological solution to promote the psycho-emotional well-being of your team, ensuring comprehensive compliance with the Mexican Official Standard 035 and facilitating the efficient management of your supporting documentation and evidence, in a fully digitized and easy-to-handle system.

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Compliance with federal law of the standard NOM037 STPS

Our comprehensive service includes the analysis and adaptation to the requirements of the Mexican Official Standard 037, focusing on the prevention of occupational risks associated with ergonomic factors. Through proactive strategies, we facilitate your company's design of a healthy work environment, reducing the incidence of injuries and occupational diseases, and promoting a culture of safety and operational effectiveness.

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E-learning and LMS

Focused on digital educational innovation, we create Learning Management Systems (LMS) and personalized e-learning courses. Our offer ranges from the analysis of training needs to the production of interactive and multimedia content. We design learning experiences that foster knowledge retention and skill development, ensuring relevant and future-oriented training for your teams.

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Organizational Climate Evaluation

Transform your work environment and boost your team's motivation with our services for evaluation and improvement of the organizational climate. Our strategic approach includes detailed diagnostics and advanced analytical tools to deeply understand the work environment and team dynamics.

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Leadership Evaluation by Competencies

Boost the growth and development of your leaders with our exclusive service of leadership evaluation by competencies. Our comprehensive approach is based on identifying the key skills and abilities that define an effective leader in your organization.

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Our Primary Objectives

Cost Reduction

We implement solutions that reduce operating expenses without sacrificing quality. Our payroll management service is offered by a specialized company like ours that helps minimize costs.

Risk Minimization

We evaluate and manage risks proactively to protect your company, especially in the HR area. Hire the service to ensure the peace of mind of your business.

Optimization of Times

We streamline processes and improve operational efficiency. Our 360 feedback and other tools allow you to make faster and more effective decisions.

Improvement of Organizational Climate

We create stimulating work environments that promote productivity. In addition, we handle social security procedures for the company that hires us, allowing your employees to focus on their essential tasks.

Our Method

We deeply understand the needs of each of our clients
We advise you to choose the most suitable solution
We plan and implement effective strategies

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