Both terms and disciplines have similar points, but they do not always share the same techniques.

Is task orientedIs relationship oriented
Transform behaviorPersonal tansformation
The guidelines are given by the clientThe guidelines are given by the mentor
The client finds his own answersGive advice and recommendations

What is Mentoring?

It is ideal for professional development, monitoring is totally personalized and people share experiences, information, good practices and skills.

A Mentor will always seek to help as they have accumulated experience throughout their lives, their main characteristics are:

•Level of Experience

• Professional

• Emotional awareness

• Solve doubts

• Motivational

What is Coaching?

Leadership training and communication skills that will promote people’s self-knowledge.

The main characteristics of a coach are:

• Helps set personal and professional goals

• Makes the person better

• Discover new skills

• Provides a clear focus

Identify wich of the two tactics your organization needs.

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