Migrant Heart

A program aimed at transforming the lives of millions of migrants, guiding them to reach their full potential and facilitating their integration process in a new country.

We help migrants with the emotional process of social incorporation in a different country, and to deal with the personal impact of the changes, differences and complications of the migration process

We want every brave person who leaves their country to achieve their goals and dreams




We seek, offer and equip NGOs and non-profit organizations that actively work in the social insertion of migrants with psycho-emotional accompaniment tools.



Our LMS PLATFORM is freely accessible to beneficiaries at any time and on any device. In this space, migrants will find interactive, digital and social impact materials that help them deal with the burden of the emotional process involved in migration.



Online course, available in three languages (French, Spanish and English), has a measurable impact, aligns with points 3, 10 and 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals agenda, lasts 10 hours and consists of 10 steps.

Impact goals

Achieve that the beneficiaries have clarity in their medium-term goals and raise their expectations.
Improve the migrants capacity to face their adaptation problems.
Provide the knowledge and tools to acquire an attitude that will allow them to overcome any barrier.
Autonomy in integration processes.
Expression of feelings and emotions.
Perseverance and ability to face problems.
Clarity of future objectives.
Aspirations and life projects.

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