Digital transformation brings a series of changes to the world of work. The World Economic Forum estimates in the next 10 years half of the jobs will be impacted by automation.

The future of work will transform the necessary skills in many jobs. Virtual games have a high potential as a tool to develop the necessary skills.

The skills that will be highly valued within companies are especially the soft ones; such as: assertive communication, problem solving, creativity, leadership, critical thinking, among others. They will be the key since it is difficult for a robot to imitate them.

Cost – Effective Training

Training your collaborators in this way allows us to save room rental expenses, coffe break service and travel expenses.

People can learn in different ways and in fun ways. Learning or training through video games is a trend that is here to stay.

Virtual games may seem like just entertainment, various studies claim that they can help develop attention span and the ability to perform simultaneous tasks.

Which help to obtain better results in some areas such as (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Generate Jobs

According to Indeed (a job search platform) the video game market in the United States offers jobs with salaries ranging from 46,395 to 174,204 pesos per month. This industry primarily employs design, writing, programming, tester, marketing, and sales professionals.

At the design stage, video games can integrate the work of different professionals, such as artists, designers, and animators. These positions can receive a monthly income ranging from 48,574 to 101,316 pesos per month.

Depending on the development of the game, it is necessary to have a video game writer or an entire writing team. The average salary of a video game writer in the American Union is 100,000 pesos per month.

In large companies, much of the programming work is done by specialized talent. According to data from Indeed, a video game programmer can earn an average of 98,499 pesos per month, while a C ++ developer can earn up to 174,204 pesos per month.

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